What is a Dump And What is a Landfill?

Where Does Your Garbage Go?

5 Nov 2018 admin

The modern world, unlike the third world countries and rural areas that need no complex waste system, use sophisticated garbage collectors. The western countries pay a lot of attention to the waste disposal because of the need for recycling and reusing it. City officials try to do the best in motivating people to recycle and with it create as less garbage as possible. This is both good for the economy of society and for the living environment.

Preserving the environment means healthier citizens, and this is one of the top priorities all city officials should have. So, what is happening with the garbage from your home and what are the best ways to deal with it. First, let’s see where your garbage goes?

What is a Dump And What is a Landfill?

What is a Dump And What is a Landfill?Back in the day garbage was simply taken from the home and thrown into a dump without further analyze. Waste disposal was very simple as there was little waste too. Today, as technology flourished, the waste became a serious problem. In the city of Los Angeles, for example, 65.000 tons of garbage are produced every day. That’s more than 13 pounds per person each day. These numbers need to be taken into consideration seriously if we want to create an environment that’s good for us and our children.

Around the world, a lot of underdeveloped countries still use the standard dump system. Their corrupt politicians and city officials do nothing for keeping the environment safe and you can find these countries on top of the most polluted countries in the world. Their citizens are unhappy and suffer from a lot of serious diseases. That’s why paying attention to our waste disposal is very important.

The landfill system is a more sophisticated and modern approach to garbage. In the landfill, there are more different and separated one from each other locations. These locations are used for different kinds of waste. Plastic, rubber, asphalt, metal, green waste, etc. Of course, this garbage selection wouldn’t be possible if people don’t do the recycling process at home first. Same goes for public institutions and private businesses. So how to do a better recycling is a question that arises naturally.

Why is Recycling so Important And How to do it Better?

Recycling so Important

As we said, the modern world is turning to landfills. The waste is organized and everything that can be reused will be. That’s why we need to contribute as much as we can if we want to have a better living environment.

Recycling means organizing your waste before the garbage truck collecting your garbage comes. You need to make a clear selection of your plastic, paper, and other organic waste. In order to have your organic waste stored best, you need to get yourself a good garbage disposal. But what are garbage disposals and how does it work?

Why do I need garbage disposals?

A top-notch garbage disposal is placed under your sink and will collect and grind your food leftovers and garbage. You simply throw the garbage in the sink, the disposal will mill them inside and the tiny particles will then take as less space possible. When the disposal gets full, you throw the garbage in a special container.

What Happens to The Garbage in The End?

When a well-recycled material reaches the landfill, it is organized by type. Some things are able to be reused, like glass and plastic, and other, like the garbage from the disposal will be burned in special ovens made for this. A combustion is a very popular waste management in many developed European countries, such as Austria, Luxemburg, Denmark, etc. The garbage going through these ovens is then turned into biodiesel that can be used as fuel. So, in a way, nothing is going to waste anymore.

What Can I do to Preserve The Environment?

It is in everybody’s interest to have as little as possible waste in our community. That’s why everyone should pay more attention to the three R’s – reduce, reuse, and recycle. Everyone should be aware of what they buy and use. If it can be reduced as a material used, then we should do it. Then, not throwing into garbage everything that is not used for the purpose that was bought. Try to reuse anything that can be used. In the end, all waste must be recycled.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is a sure way to preserve our environment and keep our children safe. Recycling and using a garbage disposal to create little waste is a must for every family. This way we create less garbage on a community level which means we breathe better air and we have a much healthier nature.

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