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Local Doctor Says She Changes The Carpet At Her Office 3 Times a Year

5 Nov 2018 admin

Changes The Carpet Doctor and dental offices must maintain perfect hygiene in order to provide perfect service for their patients. In a survey made by a team of students, it was asked how doctors handle this problem in their ordinations. One of the local doctors, miss Leah Montana, said that she’s changing the carpet at her office at least 3 times a year because it’s simply impossible to keep it fresh more than 4 months.

“I treat around 30 patients during my shift and a total of 50 during the whole day. That’s at least 70 people walking on the carpet daily. Up and down. We have a cleaning lady coming every day, but it’s simply impossible to keep the carpet fresh. My patients’ health is most important for me, and that’s why I change it regularly” – says miss Montana.

The students made the survey in order to find out how to make a better environment for patients in the private and public health facilities. They found out that carpets are one of the places where the most bacteria getter. This is simply because people come inside the offices with shoes that were outside where anything can be found. Then this dirt and dust are transferred onto the carpet that later spreads into the air and people breathe it. The carpet needs constant maintenance, but it’s hard to keep it fresh because it receives a lot of traffic every day.

The team of students has made a list of things that need to be done in order to keep your carpet in perfect condition no matter if it’s a doctor’s practice or a home. Here’s what they suggest.

Not Exposing to Direct Sunlight

Carpets that are exposed to direct sunlight will soon fade away and lose their color. The constant sunlight will simply burn the fabric and will make it look overused even faster if it used by a lot of people on a daily level.

So, we can say that a fair solution for this is placing some curtains on the windows in order to keep it from direct sunlight exposure.

Walking Barefoot on it

Walking Barefoot on CarpetThis one seems logical, right? Of course, walking with shoes on the carpet will ruin it way faster than walking barefoot on it. This might be a problem for the doctor’s office, but if we’re talking about a home carpet than this is the least you can do to preserve it longer.

Shoes are always made of a material that damages the carpet. Rubbing the leather and the rubber of the shoes on the carpet is disastrous. Of course, it’s no big deal if this happens once a day, but if we talk about the case of doctor Leah, then it’s understandable why her carpets get ruined so quickly.

If you walk barefoot on the carpet, you both keep it undamaged and you prevent dirt, dust, and dangerous bacteria mix with the carpet’s fabric.

Keep Away Bleaching With Chemicals

Using strong chemicals to keep the carpet clean and bacteria-free might be effective at first and probably for a while after you start doing it, but soon the carpet will get ruined. Bleaching and chemicals are deadly for the carpet’s look. Yes, they’ll certainly keep it clean and people will be healthy in your office, but the carpet will soon look like you bought it from a street dealer that sells used goods.

That’s why you need to keep bleaching with chemicals away from your carpet. It’s nothing good if you know your patients are healthy and breathe no bacteria if you have no patients. People coming to your office will think the opposite than it really is – they’ll think you don’t care about their health when they see how your carpet looks poor.

Use Quality Carpet Cleaners

Use Quality Carpet CleanersThe life of your carpet will be prolonged and at the same time, the health of your patients will be preserved by using fine carpet cleaners. The market holds a number of carpet cleaners that are outstandingly good for your carpet. They keep the fabric in perfect condition and eliminate all the bacteria.

If you look at some of them online, you’ll see that they are a little less affordable than normal carpet cleaners. This might turn you off purchasing one of them but think about it better. If you buy new carpets every 4 months, it means that you already waste a lot of money for getting a good looking and bacteria free office. Investing in a quality carpet cleaner is a much better solution. Also, your cleaning lady will appreciate this move of your a lot. It’s a win-win situation.

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