Global warming

Rising Temperatures are a Global Thing

5 Nov 2018 Tumbler Ridge News

Global warming is a serious issue affecting all of us. Rising of temperatures on a global level should be an important subject for everyone around the world. Whether it’s Congo, Hong Kong, or Canada. Rising of the temperatures is causing serious problems in nature that is important for the human kind too. The planet is changing and unless we prevent the temperature rise, we’ll soon be facing some serious problems.

Global warming

If we look at the temperature charts from 1850 to 2018, we can see how the global average temperature has risen for more than 1 degree Celsius. This might seem like nothing special, but this one degree all around the planet is just enough to cause some serious problems. If we look at analyzes made by the scientists we’ll see that the projections for the 21st century are even worse. Experts predict a rise of annual average temperature on a global level for almost 5 degrees which will certainly be a serious problem that will lead to casualties.

For now, the rise of temperature has caused the melting of the north pole ice cap. This is causing rivers of water to flow into the sea and create a rise of the sea level. Flowing water is also helping to break off massive ice blocks from the land and traveling south where they’ll eventually melt and create an even greater rise of sea levels. Someone might say that it’s no big deal if the sea levels rise a little, but they’re probably not living in areas close to the sea.

Also, everything in nature is connected and global warming that causes melting of the ice actually causes rising of sea levels. This creates more evaporation of the sea and the whole ecosystem changes. The Equator becomes even hotter, and some areas where millions of people now live will have to emigrate to areas where’s more bearable.

The humidity around the world reaches an all-time high as climate change. Parts of the world where is always hot and wet now becomes a deadly area where during summer heat waves people die if they can’t find shelter.

In northern parts, such as Canada, people are used to living in relatively cold weather. Even a slight change of temperatures during the summer can create a serious problem. Generally, the degrees on the thermometer are not as serious as the humidity that comes along. It can be 35 degrees Celsius and people might not even feel the heat if the humidity is low. For example, people living in deserts around the world don’t mind the sun heat so much because the air is dry. So in other terms, during the summer you should control the humidity just like you want to control the temperature.

How to Deal With Temperature And Humidity

When it comes to temperature, we all know too well what an air conditioner can do for hot weather. A good air conditioner is a must in every home during the summer. Especially during the heat waves that can last sometimes more than a week. When it comes to humidity, you need a dehumidifier.

What is a dehumidifier

What is a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier decreases the humidity in the air. When the summer heat comes and brings a wave of humid air with it, a dehumidifier will help you decrease the amount of humidity in your home. It works in a very simple way. It doesn’t require any batteries nor power outlet, even though some apparatus is made electric to do a better and faster job. What a dehumidifier does is that it turns the humid air into water that is stored in a container placed inside it. When it collects enough water, you simply throw the water out.

Dehumidifiers are great in winter too. Rooms that are not isolated well can show moisture spots on the walls. This may be a serious health problem for people living in that room. A good dehumidifier for your basement will decrease the humidity in the air and will prevent collecting the moisture on the walls thus creating a safe living environment.

How to Fight The Rise of Temperatures

Experts suggest that the rise of temperatures on a global level is made by humans only. The expansion of the industry in the late 19th century started the process and as the industry drives forward, global warming is getting worse. There are many actions that an individual can take, but the main problem is in the factories and major corporations that can do the most to prevent it. However, profit is more important to them right now, so it is left for the governments around the world to fight the battle and save the planet.

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