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Authorities Thinking of Changing The Law For Heating Systems

30 Oct 2018 Tumbler Ridge News

great smogHave you heard of the great smog of London from 1952? In this disaster that lasted 4 days died more than 4.000 people and over 100.000 got diseases as a direct fault from the smog. What happened is that people using coal stoves, polluted the air so much that 4.000 people died. There was simply no wind in London to disperse the giant cloud and people suffocated.

The coal stoves produce smoke that is very dangerous for people’s respiratory system. The wood is pretty similar, just not as dangerous as the coal smoke. However, around the world wood stoves are widely used, and coal stoves not so much because of the danger they produce. People love these stoves because the heat they produce is great and coal and wood are very affordable.

Even though they are very affordable, the authorities are thinking about completely banning their use. The dangers that come from them are enormous and it turns out they cause more damage than good for everyone. If you never heard about the dangers that wood stoves can cause, here’s a short list where you can learn all about it.

Environmental Dangers

dangerous of wood stovesAs we already mentioned, woodstoves produce a lot of smoke. This smoke is getting out of the home’s chimneys and disperses everywhere around the neighborhood. The problem with the smoke is not just that it pollutes the fresh breathable air. The problem is much greater. The smoke in itself contains many microscopic particles that are very dangerous for people’s organisms. These particles cause cancer and are a very big health problem. You won’t feel the problem right away but chances are great that after constant breathing contaminated air from woodstoves you’ll get cancer.

Another reason why the smoke of woodstoves is dangerous is the ozone layer. The smokes disperse but eventually travels all the way up to the ozone layer where it affects on its thickness. Little by little the layer breaks and the world becomes one big radiation field. Sunrays with the ozone layer filtration cause instant skin cancer.

Fire Hazard

Modern electric stoves are made to turn off themselves if they are not touched by the user after some time. This prevents fires in the home. When it comes to wood stoves, this is simply impossible, because the burning wood has no sensor systems to know if it should be turned off. This is a perfect way to create fire. Woodstoves that are left unattended, will most certainly create a fire.

Have you ever had so many problems that you can’t even remember what day it is? Have you ever forgotten where did you put your keys? This is all normal, right? Well, it’s also normal to forget about the woodstove and turn it off. When you get back from work you’ll realize the firemen are saving your last piece of furniture.

One way to prevent this, or at least make the least damage possible is to clean your chimneys regularly. Regular maintaining of your chimney will prevent a buildup of ashes. This is very important because ashes are highly flammable. The most common type of house fires are the ones that happened in the chimney from buildup ashes.

How to Deal With The Problem?

The solution that authorities suggest is transferring from woodstoves to more eco-friendly and energy-efficient ways of heating. These types of solutions mean getting heaters that will use the power of fuels that are not highly flammable and dangerous to the human’s health. Gas, biodiesel fuels, and pellets.

Pellets are very popular lately because they are a perfect switch from woodstoves to pellet stoves. Pellets and wood use the latest technology with a difference that pellets are way more effective than wood. Also, they produce no particles that cause cancer in the air and are a very eco-friendly way of changing your home climate.

The good part is that both stoves use the same system for heating and the transfer can be made very easy. The authorities in some parts of the world have already started subsidizing and encouraging people to make the transfer from woodstoves to pellet stoves. Some governments have made serious cuts on other fields just to have enough money to support their citizens to buy new stoves that use pellets or other eco-friendly fuels.

So, if you’re thinking about this and wondering if it is good for you, we suggest making the change now, because later, authorities will most certainly ban the use of woodstoves and you’ll be forced to do it. Of course, unless you’re ok with getting fined for using the old woodstove.

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