smaller home means preserving the environment

Property Prices in Canada Rise And People Look For Smaller Homes

5 Nov 2018 admin

smaller home means preserving the environmentCanada’s property prices rise as time goes by and each day you can see a property raising their price. Generally, the value of the homes in Canada has reached an all-time high and people simply can’t afford to live in large mansions or apartments with a lot of bedrooms. Instead, many Canadians are deciding to buy homes that are smaller in size. This is good for everyone and for more reasons.

First, of course, is the money. People that buy smaller homes spend less money on them and are able to invest their money in something else, like a car, or simply live a more relaxing life since they have enough money to afford more in their daily life. Second is the environment. Let’s take look at this more thoroughly.

Why a smaller home means preserving the environment

Buying a smaller home means you’re saving the environment by simply not ruining nature. If more people follow the trend of buying smaller houses and apartments that will be just enough for their needs instead of running to luxurious villas with bedrooms that they’ll probably never get into, the construction companies will have to stop making such properties. This way, there will be no need of cutting down forests to make new neighborhoods and there will be no need of installing new electricity and water installations that will pollute the air and the ground.

Another very important thing when persevering the environment is in question – reducing waste. Bigger houses have bigger needs and produce more waste. Just to light-up a 3000 square feet house will need a lot of light bulbs and spending a lot of electricity. No to mention how much fuel will be needed to heat the place during the cold days. A smaller house means reducing this waste to a minimum.

Also, water usage will surely be greater in a larger house. Three bathrooms produce more water waste than one. Keeping them clean and maintain the whole house will also produce a lot of unneeded garbage that pollutes the environment. And why? Just so we can feel like we can afford to live in a place like that.

Why having a smaller home is actually better?

canada and small housesBuying a smaller home is better when you see it in every aspect. It saves the environment and it saves you money. Creating less waste means spending less money on electricity and water bills, but also for other additional needs. For example, buying a new place will most probably give you an opportunity to do some renovations. The first thing you’ll get your hand on is the bathroom. Smaller toilets and small bathrooms are much easier to renovate and they will also be less expensive than large bathrooms.

Today, large bathrooms are OUT, and people are not so keen like before to have a bathroom that looks like an entire house with lots of space in it. Smaller bathrooms are IN. If you install appliances that are eco-friendly, then you’ll certainly make the best of the toilet and the home to preserve nature and the environment.

Should you sell your big house and buy a smaller home?

A short answer to this question would be – YES. You might – but why? Well, for several reasons and the few most important we already mentioned. If that was not enough to convince you, how about realizing that selling a large house and buying a smaller apartment or something similar will give you an opportunity to manage a lot of money that you can invest?

Let’s say that you have a 2-story house with 4 bedrooms and you sell it for $400.000. With the money, you buy a smaller house or an apartment for $200.000. The rest of the money is open for being used for something else.

For example, you can invest. With $200.000 you can just quit your job and start your own business. Something you always dreamed of but never had the chance to do it. That kind of money is enough for most things and you’ll surely have enough for the start. Even if you fail, you still have a roof over your head and an experience plus that you can cash in later.

If you don’t like investing in businesses, you can buy a new car, or buy a small weekend house in a place that you love near the city. If nothing else, you can use the money to live a life that is more comfortable. Buy more expensive things and enjoy yourself the way you wasn’t able before.

Bottom line is, be brave to make the change and embrace the benefits of a smaller home.

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