Power Outages During The Winter Season

Authorities Warn About Power Outages During The Winter Season

5 Nov 2018 admin

Power Outages During The Winter SeasonCanada is expecting a cold and harsh winter. Authorities have warned the population in several regions to be prepared for the cold weather and for certain periods during the year when floods and power outages will be possible.

It is certain that authorities will do everything in their power to prevent catastrophes, but you can never be sure how disastrous nature will be. Heavy rains cause floods. Floods cause power outages and this may cause fires and other dangerous hazards that even might be life-threatening. That’s why everyone should be alarmed and ready before the problems come. In this article, we’ll talk how to handle this difficult time and how to stay protected during power outages in winter.

What Might Cause a Power Outage?

During the winter many things are a threat to power lines. Heavy winds may break a tree that will fall down the power lines and this will certainly cause a power outage to a large area. Sometimes even whole cities might get dark because the wind made a tree fall down on a power line. Of course, authorities will react at the same minute. They’ll locate the problem and fix it very fast, but sometimes an hour of the power outage is very important. Sometimes also, things can’t be solved this fast and even days might pass before the problem gets solved.

Heavy rains can also cause power outages. Rains cause floods and floods tear off the ground power posts and break the lines. This is even a bigger problem as the flood is a threat of itself and might cause damage to your house too. At this time, power is very important to pump out the water of the basement, and everyone should be prepared for these troubled times.

How to be Prepared For Power Outages?

There’s nothing we can do to prevent power outages, nor nature disasters. We can, however, be ready when power outages happen. The most important apparatus that you must have in your house during a troubled weather is the power generator. Winters in Canada are known for their heavy winds and floods, so be prepared for these problems in particular.

Power generators

Power generators come in many different sizes and shapes, just as they use a different power. Some run or gas, some on batteries but they are all good and only a personal preference is a choice maker when you’re getting a power generator.

A power generator will produce power when there’s no electricity. You can connect the important appliances on it, like the fridge, or the TV so you can follow the news about the storm that hit you. Depending on the price, generators will give you more or fewer options. Also, more expensive generators will last longer. If they use a battery, the ones that are more affordable will probably have a weak battery that will last a short time. Have this in mind and invest in something better if you have the chance to do it.

Batteries are very important for floods. When the flood reaches your house, you need to have an equipment that will ready to pump out the water fast enough and to work long enough.

Battery backup sump pump

A sump pump is very important during a flood. There are more different sump pumps and some even run on city water pressure. However, the most affordable and easiest for use are the ones using battery backup. When a flood gets your house, you need to plug in the sump pump into the power generator and extract the water out.

The problem with this is that when the flood comes and there is a power outage at the same time, the power generator won’t be able to produce enough power for everything. That’s why it’s best to have a battery backup for your sump pump and be sure that you won’t encounter a problem of this kind.

What to do When There’s a Power Outage

What to do When There's a Power OutageIf a power outage happens, it’s best to turn on the power generator but only use it for the most important things. Get one small room warm enough so you and your family can feel comfortable enough until the power gets back. Also, it’s smart to turn on the TV or the radio so you can hear what officials have to say about the outage. If there’s a chance for the problem to be delayed too much, and the weather is not too bad, the officials will advise you to live the home and go somewhere safe.

When it comes to the flooding, never put your life at risk. If there’s a power outage and a flood, only use sump pump if it’s possible. Don’t risk your life to save the basement.

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