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Obtaining Hot Water When You Are Out North

5 Nov 2018 admin

north cold weather People in southern countries almost never have a problem with hot water. One thing is that they need hot water way less than people in the north, and also, they are free to use solar power. Sunny days in the southern parts of the globe that are closer to the equator have much more sunny days during the year. They use solar power to heat their water. The northern parts don’t have this advantage on their side. They must find other solutions when power and water supplies are scarce.

During the winter days, people living in the north where it’s cold even in the summer, have a real problem providing hot water. Sometimes, municipal water and power supplies fail because of bad weather and people are left on themselves to find a solution to this problem. Sometimes the power outages can last for days and citizen there must be prepared in order to live a normal life during these tough times.

Hot water is very important for a normal functioning. Winters are dangerous if there’s no heating and hot water in the north countries. When it comes to providing hot water, there are several solutions. The best is probably getting a water heater that’s power independent. If you think about it, you’ll understand that for hot water you just need a tank and a heater, but since we live in the 21 century, tanks and heaters have reached a new level and now tankless water heaters can be purchased for a fair price. This practically solves the problem with hot water during outages.

What Kinds of Tankless Water Heaters Are There?

There are two kinds of tankless water heaters. The ones that are using a battery or electricity power and the once that run on gas. They are both good and it’s simply a personal preference what you like more and what fits your needs better. Those that run on electricity are cleaner and quieter, and those that run on gas are usually more powerful and heat the water faster. It’s up to you to choose which one you like more.

If you want to get one of these machines, simply type in Google – tankless water heaters gas/electric and see how many results you’ll get.

Why do I need a Tankless Water Heater?

Why do I need a Tankless Water HeaterLet’s just say that a person that is not completely prepared for harsh winters will have to suffer from it. It’s easy to get over a winter in southern parts, but the north countries, like Canada, Island, Norway, or Finland for example, have winters in which you can never know what might happen. Sometimes the wind, the floods and the cold weather causing ice are so problematic for the institutions that some problems can’t be fixed in no time as we all expect.

Often, floods cause power outages. You might not be affected by the flood directly, but a faraway problem might tear down the electricity cables and cause a problem to a wider area. No electricity means a lot of other public facilities won’t work. Some of them are the heating stations. Other is the water supply that might be cut down due to the flood. With the electricity being cut off, you can say that everything you need for a normal life is off the table.

For a normal life, you need electricity, heat, and hot water. This is the least you need to get over the winter. Electricity is something that has a lot of options to be provided. With it, you can heat your living space, but when it comes to providing hot water, then the options are limited.

Water and electricity can’t be mixed and you need to be very careful when trying to heat the water using electricity. That’s why it’s best to use water heaters that have this problem solved by implementing special heaters inside.

Tankless vs Conventional Water Heater

If you’re wondering which one is better, you should know that tankless water heaters are always better than the conventional type of heaters. They take less space, and you don’t need to wait for hours to heat the tank. Also, you can never run out of hot water as the system works by instantly heating the pipes with water which gives you hot water right away.

The downside is that they are a little less affordable and you’ll need a professional to install it. However, once placed in the water supply system, they’ll most probably last twice longer than the conventional water heater.

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