Everyone Should Get Involved in The Problem

Highschool Student Wins an Essay Competition – Receives Water Softener

30 Oct 2018 admin

Lara McCartney, a second-year high school student, won the prize for the best essay that was titled “Clean Water For Everyone” and the price was – Water softener for the entire house she lives in. The essay was so good, she had to read the piece in front of the entire school and three more schools in her county. At the end of the day, however, her parents were the proudest because the prize affected their quality of life too.

Highschool Student Wins an Essay Competition

The high school that organized the competition and funded the prize is facing serious drinking water problems. The water in the entire school is not drinkable and all students must carry bottled water with them instead of using the tap water. Some areas around the country are facing serious drinking water problems because the old pipes that were installed almost a century ago are contaminating the water going through them.

The school just like many other public buildings in the area need to install water filtering stations and water softeners so they can use the tap water. With this action, they are trying to raise awareness for the problem they all have. All the students that took part in the competition got water filter pitchers and the first prize winner, miss Lara McCartney, won a full house water filter softener. This means the system will allow her and her family to drink water directly from the faucet anywhere in their house.

“No more buying huge bottles of plastic any more thanks to my beautiful daughter Lisa. We used to spend a fortune on water. Not anymore. Everyone should know how dangerous it is to drink this water of ours. If there is someone else still drinking tap water, I urge them to stop” – says Ron, Lisa’s father.

Everyone Should Get Involved in The Problem

Everyone Should Get Involved in The ProblemLocal businesses and organizations also take part in solving this problem. The real solution is getting new pipes and big filtering stations that will be of use for the whole area, but since this is not possible, local people gather to raise money and do as much as they can. Organizations are asking for donations and companies are giving donations in order to make the best of the problem. People that can’t afford water filtration systems are getting help in means of water filter pitchers.

The real solution, however, is installing filtration stations that will provide clean drinking water for more homes at once. This is more expensive, of course, and that’s why it is a more complex solution.

There are more filtration options for city officials to take in consideration and solve this problem. Since this is not happening, people must find their own solution by using these methods.

Cities Are Not The Only Ones Contaminated

Explaining the problem of the city’s drinking water problem makes you think that the problem exists only in an urban area. This is not completely true. It is true that cities use a lot more water than rural areas, but they both have the same problem when it comes to drinkable and clean water.

Rural areas use natural water sources that have no filtration whatsoever. The common idea is that this water was not contaminated since it’s coming from deep underground. This is completely not true. You simply can’t see where this water went underground and what it contains inside.

It is a common thought that mountain springs and water coming from the mountains are cleaner than the one in the fields. This is partially true but no one can be certain of it until the water is tested. Even mountain springs have bacteria that is dangerous in them and often send and dirt can be found in it. Bacteria needs so little to survive in almost all conditions and you can never be sure what you can find in natural water springs.

That’s why it’s best to always and everywhere have water filter pitchers with you and run the water through it. This way you’ll be certain that you’re drinking high-quality H2O without any bacteria, viruses or anything that can harm your health.


Being aware of the problem we all face is the first step towards solving it. Some parts of the world have much more serious problems by not having any drinking water systems. We, people of the modern world have all the benefits of it and still ignore the fact that the water we drink is dangerous for our health. Embracing technology and investing a little for getting purified clean drinking water is the least we can do for ourselves.

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